Add Targets to get Followers
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Step by Step Guide To Add Targets to get Followers
Our Instagram bot works on the targets which you specify to get real Instagram followers. If you choose appropriate targets, you can get the followers that are related and interested to your niche.
Before getting started with Grampresso, please read our advice. To get followers on Instagram first you have to add a target on Grampresso dashboard. Please read our tutorials before adding a new target. Also after you add a new target you have to manage your targets. At the beginning we recommend you to add three to eight targets.
Note: If you don’t add any target, Grampresso will not do any auto follow, auto like or auto comment.
Note: If you have less than 700 Followers, at first you must turn off follow and comment on each target until you reach to over 700 Followers. You can find how to turn off follow and comments on the management targets page.
Step 1
To add a new target and get followers you must click on “Add Target”.
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Step 2
You should specify the type of your target.
1. page: you can add Instagram pages as new targets in Grampresso system.
2. hashtag: you can add hashtags as new targets in Grampresso system.
3. location: you can add location as new targets in Grampresso system.
4. targets: you can add how many pages or hashtag you want with text file in Grampresso page.
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Step 3
In order to achieve a better result. You need to manage your targets. the most important point in managing targets is “Conversion (the success rate of target)”. If your target’s conversion is less than 15% after 24 hours, delete it on the dashboard and add a new target.
Note: We do not keep your password; actually you are entering your password in Instagram API. It is important to keep in mind that you can always change your password by email or mobile number.
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When you add the first target, Grampresso starts to work automatically in maximum 20 minutes.
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