Buying Time
After three days of free trial, please make a payment to activate our Instagram bot for your account.
You can find our prices and plans in pricing page.
You can buy our special packages and get up to 20 percent discount.
You can select/deselect all services to just pay for that specific service that you want. For example, you can deselect “Direct message”, “Comment Tracker” and just pay for Instagram bot (Promo).
Step 1
Click on your Grampresso Balance to buy time and assign that time to your different accounts OR click on Paid days to pay for your selected accounts and selected services.
If you are a new Grampresso user, we recommend you to click on “paid days”.
Important note! When you pay by clicking on Grampresso Balance, your money goes to your Grampresso balance but your account will not be active. You must click on Paid days to activate your account with your balance.
Step 2
You must click on the Plus icon (+) beside the “paid days” to enter into the “days management” page.
Step 3
In the opened page you must select your account(s). If you have multiple accounts, you can select some or all of them.
Step 4
After selecting your account(s), you should select the services that you need.
If you want “Instagram bot” you need to select Promo. Instagram bot does auto follow, like, comment, unfollow. “Direct” enables you to send automated Instagram Direct messages. “Comment tracker” helps you in managing and replying to comments.
Promo: Instagram auto follow, auto like, auto comment, auto unfollow.
Direct: Send Instagram automated direct messages
Comment tracker: Have all your Instagram comments in one page, mark or reply to them easily
Step 5
After selecting services, you need to select the number of days. You can choose one of 7, 15, 30, 90, 180, 360 days or simply add an arbitrary number of days and click on OK.
Note: You can also see the corresponding amount of money for the selected services and days, at the bottom of each account.
Step 6
Finally, click on “next” button to apply your changes.
Important note! If there was not enough money in your Grampresso balance, you will be redirected to the payment page. If you have enough money in your Grampresso balance, Grampresso will use it to activate your account.
Note! When you want to use just your balance and don’t pay again, you should change your selected accounts and selected services and selected days, until you get “0” (zero) on the last parameter (“total” in the picture below).
Total_payment_and_next 1
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