Instagram Comments Manager
It is straightforward to read, respond, delete, organize all the Instagram comments.
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Read new Comments
Read all incoming comments for all photos from a single feed, never miss a comment. No need to check the app every 5 minutes.
Online Commenting
with instagram comment manage you can answer to your comments of instagram posts online in any device
Mark As Important
Mark as Important to get back to this comment later. This setting is just for you and will not be reflected in Instagram.
Comment History
All comments, both incoming and your replies are saved for later reference. Just navigate to ``All`` and read them again and again.
Delete Comments
OK, let's admit. Sometimes we want to smash someone for a nasty comment. But let's be intelligent and just get rid of the nuisance.
Mark As Resolved
Mark as Resolved when you are done with this comment. Either you replied ``thanks`` or don’t want to reply. Once clicked this comment will go to the Resolved sub-tab. Treat is as archive.
Instagram Comments tracker
with this feature you can see and answer all comments in one outlook for all your posts . it means that don’t need for answering comments, open posts one by one. You can delete , mark as important plus Mark As Resolved all your followers’ comments.
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