How to Find Good Targets
First, for getting followers on Instagram, you need to add targets on Grampresso dashboard. In our system, targets have the main role in increasing followers and you can see the effects of targets . But how to find the target?
For finding target, you have several ways. You can use famous hashtags and usernames, or use hashtags and username that related to your business.
1. Related pages:
You have two ways to find related pages. The first method is searching on Instagram and it’s so simple and it doesn’t need to explain. The second method is through related hashtags. You should search related hashtags (relate to your page and your work) on Instagram. As follows:
1. Search a hashtag like #photography on Instagram.
2. Instagram shows you 9 best posts that have used their hashtags on top of others posts.
3. Click on one of these posts and get into account.
4. Now you’ll see all the posts of that account. If other posts were related to your work, you can use and enter this account as a target on Grampresso system and follow next target.
Note: Be sure to choose the hashtags with big number of posts.
2. Unrelated pages:
Usually, celebrities and entertainment accounts are good pages as a target. You can search them on Instagram. Also, there are sites that introduce celebrities Instagram accounts.
Be sure to meet the following requirements:
You can choose entertainment accounts as targets. Just go in “search” part of Instagram and then Instagram shows you posts that had been liked with your followers & following or been followed by some accounts. Click on them and enter to accounts of these posts and estimate them.
Note: With a simple way you can find out which accounts have fake followers. Just see the numbers of Likes in their last posts. They should have enough likes for each amount of their followers. For example, for each 1000 followers, there are more than 70 likes.
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