How to Use proxy on Grampresso
Proxy is a tool to connect the Grampresso Bot to Instagram’s accounts from another server. You can provide a proxy from any proxy providers you want and use it in Grampresso. Please consider the following hints before you provide any proxy:
1. (important) Your proxy has to be of types of SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 because Grampresso System only accepts these types.
2. It is better to use each proxy for one account.
3.It is better that the proxy is dedicated or private and not to use public proxies.
4.It is better to use a proxy which its server is located in your own country or the countries near yourself.
2. It is better to use each proxy for one account.
5.While entering your proxy details, avoid the Space between or at each end of the details.
Step 1
After providing your proxy, you should first enter your Grampresso account and then choose your instagram account.
Click on the Account’s “Setting” button to open your account setting box and then turn on the “Use Proxy For This Account” button in that section. When you turn on the “Use Proxy For This Account” you will see a part to add your proxy in it.
proxy instazood 1
proxy instazood 2
Step 2
You have to add the details of the proxy that you have been provided before in this part. For that matter, please write the IP address or Host of your Proxy in the “Proxy Host” section and the port of your proxy in the “Proxy Port” section. If you have provided a private proxy, your proxy contains a User name and Password. But, if your proxy does not have a User name and Password leave these parts blank.
After Entering your User name and Password, choose your proxy’s type (SOCK4 or SOCKS5)
proxy instazood 3
Step 3
Now click on the “Test Proxy” button. If all the information are put correctly, this sentence will be shown to you: “Proxy is ok“. Now click on the save button.
proxy instazood 4 1
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