Safety Tips
Keep your account safe as a new Grampresso user.
In Grampresso system, getting more follower is significantly depended on your targets. The efficiency of targets is defined by conversion, so you must always monitor your targets’ conversion. Targets which have a conversion less than 15% after 24 hours are not recommended. You can find more information on these pages ” Add Targets ” “How to Find Good Targets“.
Note: We do not keep your password; actually you are entering your password in Instagram API. It is important to keep in mind that you can always change your password by email or mobile number.
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Establish an active Instagram account
Do Not start using Grampresso until you have an account with a profile picture, bio, and at least 15 posted photos and/or videos. In other words, it’s important that your Instagram account doesn’t look fake or spammy.
Enable notifications from Instagram
Ensure that you are using a valid email with Instagram and you are able to get email notifications on your account status. If you don’t remember the email that you have used to sign up for Instagram, you can check this information on the Instagram website or directly in the Instagram app by clicking on Edit Profile.
Recommended Actions
Do Not use all the Grampresso actions simultaneously as an Grampresso beginner. Grampresso allows you to like, comment, follow and unfollow. However, for the first few days of using our service, we suggest to start out only with likes. You can turn off follows and comments on each of your targets. Please check out our Target Management tutorial for more information.
Recommended Speed
Start out using Instazood on Slow mode to guarantee your account’s safety. You can alter the speed to normal after a couple of days and to fast after a few weeks.
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Night pause
Turn on Night Pause in your Activity Settings. This button stops your account’s activities for some hours after midnight. The aim of this option is emulating a real user behavior since a reasonable person sleeps at night!
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Post comment cautiously
Use a wide variety of original and short comments. Aim for 4 or 5 words at maximum. You can also add emojis.
Make sure that you are using more than 10 different comments. Using less than 10 comments is risky.
Do Not post spammy comments. Do Not include any URLs or phrases like “check my profile” or any other advertising information in your comment. It is better to put this type of information in your Instagram profile bio. Note: If you intend to post spammy comments, your Instagram account could be blocked by Instagram.
Important usage warning
Do Not use Instagram on any of your devices while Instazood is running. Do Not use other Instagram automation services while your Activity is running on Instazood. These may lead to temporary or permanent block by Instagram.
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