Target Management
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In Grampresso system, getting more follower is significantly depended on your targets. The efficiency of targets is defined by conversion, so you must always monitor your targets’ conversion. Targets which have a conversion less than 15% after 24 hours are not recommended. You can find more information on these pages ” Add Targets ” “How to Find Good Targets“.
Note: We do not keep your password; actually you are entering your password in Instagram API. It is important to keep in mind that you can always change your password by email or mobile number.
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Note 1
You should set 3 to 10 different targets for your robot. When you choose a target, let Grampresso bot works on it for 24 to 48 hours, after that check your targets’ conversion. Keep the targets with more than 15% of conversion and replace the others with new ones.
Note 2
After setting some good targets, to manage them, set the time filter on “1 Week”. This enable you to see the statistics of all your targets in the last week. Now you can find the targets which were successful once but recently they had less than 15% conversion. Delete those targets and replace them with fresh ones.
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Note 3
Click on “setting” button beside “new target” button to access to the setting of your Instagram bot. It’s OK to use the default setting; but we’d suggest you change the following items: Mark “skip user account”. (To avoid sending several request to one person OR follow and unfollow someone repeatedly) Set the number of “Min following days” on 3 in “Unfollow” setting. (To give enough time to the people who have been followed by you, to start following you) Change the number of “Following threshold” to a number less than 5000 in “Unfollow” setting. (Even though Instagram lets you follow up to 7500, after 5000 following getting follower become slower)
Note 4
Do Not turn on just “follow” for a target. This means turning “Like” and “comment” off and get follower only by following. If you do this, your account could be temporary blocked every day.
Instagram permits every account to do a limited number of “like”, “follow”, “comment” and “unfollow” within a day. These limitations are explained here:
Follow: from 800 to 1200 follows in a day
Like: from 800 to 1200 likes in a day
Comment: from 300 to 600 comments in a day
Unfollow: from 1000 to 1200 unfollows in a day
As you can see, limitations vary in different accounts.
Note: When you turn on just “Follow” on targets, you won’t get more follower in a day because you miss getting follower by “Like”.
Note: There is no problem if you turn off comments on all your targets.
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