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How to get more and real followers on TikTok?
Follow our strategies to get more fans on TikTok. Follow, like, and send direct messages automatically using Grampresso software. It’s secure and fast. By following other accounts on TikTok, putting hearts on their posts automatically, and send them high-quality direct messages, will get more and more attention from others. The more users see your accounts, the more they would see the posts and content, and the more they engage with your posts.


Why Grampresso’s TikTok Bot?


Easy to use

Using TikTok bot is a piece of cake. Auto liker, auto follower, and auto DM is easy to use. Add accounts and see a lot of amazing features in the dashboard to grow your TikTok account.

Real followers

Powerful tools help you to attract those who love the content you share. Therefore, they are real and most likely would engage. This strategy would lead to growing an account naturally and faster.


Unique Filter

Our unique filters make it easy to find the best target users to follow, like their posts or send messages. This action makes you more close to those who love the content. Our recommended strategy is creating high-quality content and finding those who love them.

Easily get fame

Stay on the top by creating high-quality content and showing a high-quality profile to others. Increase engagement and profile growth with TikTok bot and use its benefits, including gold medals within TikTok live.

Safe to Use

One of a kind service will automatically reduce its speed to ensure that your account is safe from hitting Instagram limits and we offer multiple speed settings for more advanced users..

All in One

TikTok’s actions, including auto like, auto follow, auto comment, targeted lists or hashtags, and conversion rate are located in a single page of dashboard, which means you don’t need to go elsewhere!

Who should you target?
Choose the best users, according to locations, interests, and activities on TikTok. Target users that bot should follow them, or what posts should the tool likes, or the posts that tool should like, and the accounts that bot should send direct messages. There are different ways to target users: their locations, fans of other accounts, and those who use specific hashtags.
-Target someone’s Follower list
Choose an account or a user on TikTok who you feel their followers may be interested in your profile, as well. TikTok bot would follow those users.
-Target Hashtag users
The bot would follow those who use specific hashtags related to your profile or activities, and those users most probably are interested in your shared content. They would follow back when they see your username in their notifications list.
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